Highway Traffic Legal Services is a company dedicated to serving the needs of those charged with Traffic Ticket offences, Ontario Provincial offences, Speeding Tickets and Criminal Code charges.

The agents of Highway Traffic Legal Services are former members of the Ottawa and Toronto Police Services, Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Provincial Prosecutors. Combined, we have decades of experience issuing traffic tickets, investigating accidents, testifying in court for both the prosecution and defence, and investigating all manner of criminal code offences.

Whether you are charged with running a red light, follow too closely, speeding or careless driving, a traffic ticket always costs more than the fine. It also costs wages, time, and higher insurance premiums.

When you become a client of Highway Traffic Legal Services, you contract with a firm that will provide you with professional and scrupulous representation, alleviating much of your worry and stress – a firm committed to providing your best defence. Let us take care of your traffic ticket for you. In most cases, you never have to appear in court.

We successfully defend more than 96% of our cases, a record that speaks for itself as evidenced by some of our testimonials.

Consultations are free and there is no obligation.